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Epic Off-Road Tour

Discover and see the best parts of Aruba's North Coast in just one tour. While also enjoying the thrill of the "Surron" e-bikes that will leave you with an electrified feeling. Follow scenic trails to get rewarded with amazing secluded beaches, white sandy coves, historical landmarks and panoramic views of the unique landscape of Aruba. Travel time between attractions are set aside to enjoy Aruba's magnificent and breathtaking views and wildlife.
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per person
3-4 Hours

West Coast Sunset tour

Embark on a unique and eco-friendly adventure with our West Coast Sunset Tour with Sur-Ron electric bikes, where you'll experience the enchanting beauty of Aruba's coastline bathed in golden hues of Aruba's amazing sunset. This tour is an exploration of both the land and sea, punctuated with the splendor of a tropical sunset. Join us for an unforgettable experience that combines the beauty of nature, the thrill of electric biking, and
2-3 Hours

Private Paradise Exploration: Discover the Treasures of Aruba

Private Paradise Exploration: Discover the Treasures of Aruba Experience the enchanting beauty of Aruba like never before with our exclusive private tour. This personalized journey is designed to immerse you in the island's natural wonders, cultural richness, and hidden gems. Our expert local guide will accompany you on a captivating adventure, ensuring your exploration is tailored to your preferences and interests. Embark on a truly unforgettable expedition, where every moment is

About Us

Meet Epic Trail Bikes and Tours, the pioneer of sustainable adventure in Aruba!

We are driven by a mission that goes beyond the ordinary – to deliver thrilling experiences that harmonize adventure with sustainability. Our commitment to conserving the beautiful environment of Aruba stands at the forefront of all we do.

We’re proud to lead the way as the first company on the island offering excursions on electric bikes. As you traverse through the untouched inland wilderness or marvel at our stunning coastlines, you’ll experience the breath-taking beauty of Aruba in a way that leaves a minimal ecological footprint.

At Epic Trail Bikes and Tours, we invite you to embark on an adventure that combines the thrill of exploration with respect for our planet.

Furthermore, we’re delighted to be the exclusive dealership for Surron and Talaria bikes in Aruba. If you’re passionate about eco-friendly travel and are considering owning an electric dirt bike, we’re here to help you make that dream a reality.

Whether you’re seeking an unforgettable tour or looking to buy top-of-the-range electric bikes, get in touch with us. We’re excited to share the joy of sustainable adventure with you!