What do I need to bring?

For our tours, we’ve got you mostly covered as they are all-inclusive. However, we advise you to bring along a few essentials for your comfort and convenience. These include:

1. Season-appropriate clothing: The weather can fluctuate, so dressing in layers can help you stay comfortable throughout the tour.

2. A day pack: This is handy for carrying extra snacks and water. While we provide refreshments, you might prefer to have a few personal favorites on hand.

3. Sunscreen: As you will be exposed to sunlight for a significant duration, a high-SPF sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from UV rays.

4. Sun protection accessories: Depending on your preference, you might consider a hat, sunglasses, or a light long-sleeve coverup for added sun protection.

Remember, the aim is to ensure you have a safe, comfortable, and memorable tour experience!

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